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Emptying special sea containers by VISCOFLUX mobile

With the VISCOFLUX mobile, FLUX-GERÄTE GMBH has now succeeded in transferring high-viscosity materials from special sea container drums.

FLUX customers from overseas, who purchase, for example, Vaseline from Germany, mostly receive this delivered in special sea container drums. The upwardly tapered drum edge and extended drum height ensure that the space for transportation in a 20-foot sea container is utilised optimally. Thus, 80 drums instead of 78 ISO drums can be shipped in
just one of these containers.

Therefore, transport costs are reduced and resources are saved. Drums suitable for sea containers therefore play an important role, particularly for companies, which deliver in large quantities to Asia, Africa, Australia and America.

The follower plate and process seal of the drum emptying system VISCOFLUX mobile is designed for opening diameters of lidded drums with 560 mm and 571 mm as standard. During the fluid transfer process the process seal adapts to beadings and slight dents. The wall of the drum is stripped so that it is almost entirely residue-free, meaning that residual quantities of less than 1 % (less than 2 % for drums with aseptic bags) can be achieved.

In contrast to ISO lidded drums, special sea container drums have a single drum rim that tapers slightly, resulting in a smaller opening diameter. The challenge lies in configuring the follower plate and process seal so that they can reach into the narrow drum opening without exerting great pressure. On the other hand, they must bear enough tension to allow for the drum wall to be stripped properly. This has been achieved by reducing the size of the follower plate, whilst at the same time marginally strengthening the process seal. The result: The gentle drum emptying system VISCOFLUX mobile can now also achieve the same outstanding results with drums suitable for containers as with a standard ISO lidded drum.


In 1950 the worldwide’s first electrical drum pump was named FLUX. Meanwhile the undisputed pioneer on the field of drum pump technology also has outstanding expertise and experience in many other areas of pump technology. The comprehensive product portfolio ranges now from various pump types with motors, flow meters and accessories to subsystems for the plant engineering and special system solutions like the drum emptying systems. The internationally acting family company with its 7 subsidiaries and numerous sales partners supplies its products to more than 100 countries worldwide.

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